Welcome to the family

We've been blessed to serve our community over the years. And once you've been a part of our sale, you're family. So...welcome to our JBF Family!

A mom and her three kids stand in front of a rack of girls clothes at their local BF sale.

Hi, I'm Bonnie

I get it, raising kids is expensive (did you notice our small army in that picture?!)! That's why I shop and sell with Just Between Friends and why we are so passionate about providing this resource to our community—to provide a way for families to take great care of their growing kids by shopping and selling!

My Family

My partner in crime, Jeremy, and I have 4 amazing, crazy kiddos ages 10 and under. Our life is chaotic! Without JBF we would be spending SO MUCH on clothing and entertaining our kids. Our kids love JBF because they know 2 times a year they get new clothes, toys, books, etc. As parents we love JBF because we save so.much.money AND get everything they need all at one time in one place.

Additionally, we love knowing we are helping so many in our community provide for their own families through selling, shopping, or both! And being able to provide an avenue to further bless those less fortunate through our partnership with Rust Street Ministries is near and dear to our hearts.

JBF is a win for all of us and we feel so blessed to host this sale each year!!

Our Team

Each JBF sale is a community effort and we are so thankful for all of the helpers who make it happen! Those who are able to help at the sale get to shop earlier, are paid hourly for their efforts, and earn other cool perks!

 Consider joining us at the next event, more information can be found here.
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